Elon Musk Lost $ 15 Billion In Just One Day

Elon Musk Lost $ 15 Billion In Just One Day


Tesla's stock fell 8.6 percent, leading Elon Musk to lose $ 15 billion. The decline in Bitcoin, which began after his "high price" statement about bitcoin, also directly affected Tesla, which holds $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

The top of the list of the world's richest people has been constantly changing hands over the past few weeks. The rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is driven by the financial values of the companies owned by the duo. But Tesla owner Elon Musk is both earning much more and losing much more, according to de Bezos, because he is a strict Bitcoin investor. The latest news reveals that Elon Musk lost $ 15 billion in just one day.

Shares of Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, fell 8.6 percent yesterday. That cost Musk $ 15 billion. The drop came after a $ 1.5 billion Bitcoin purchase announced just two weeks ago. Because Bitcoin also suffered a very serious decline yesterday and is still not able to recover.

Did bitcoin and Tesla investors sway each other in the downturn?

Actually, it all started with a Twitter post that Elon Musk made over the weekend. Musk, who said the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum was too high, ignited the fuse of the decline. Millions of investors who thought the bullish rally in bitcoin was over have disposed of their Bitcoins for over $ 55k. But in this case, it was Elon Musk himself who lost the most.

The decline in Bitcoin wasn't the only thing that caused Elon Musk to lose money. Musk, who recently made a statement on Twitter, said the Tesla Model Y SUV had been shelved. That, in turn, had a direct impact on Tesla's stock. In addition, the decline in Bitcoin after the statements may have angered both Bitcoin and Tesla investors, leading to the sale of people in the common denominator. All of this has caused Elon Musk to lose a very serious amount of money.

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